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Tue 16th of July at 2:00 pm

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Green Room


Green Room

Green Room has been doing great work throughout this year. Their handwriting has improved out of sight, along with their reading. Students have been doing a great job with counting with some of them learning to count by 2's,5's and 10's. Students have been having a lot of fun completing craft activities for their themes of 'The beach" and 'Dinosaurs'. Outside of their work students had a great time at the interschool sports day and did a great job.

Posted on Mon 9th of November at 3:15 pm


Horse Riding

Green room love going to RDA every Wednesday afternoon. Shannon is so excited to have his new horse Gus who is a lot bigger than his horse from last year. Lilly is doing a great job riding Wiggy. Johan is back with Celeste, and they have a great time together. Noah is on Cruise, and has been doing some great independent riding. Green room can't thank the great volunteers at RDA enough for all the time and effort they put in.

Posted on Tue 5th of May at 8:13 am


Green Room 2015

Green room are straight back into it in 2015. Green room have recommenced swimming, cooking, speech, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and all the regulars such as maths and literacy. Green Room can't wait to get back to RDA later in the term.

Posted on Wed 4th of March at 3:46 pm

Red Room


Term Two

Red Room have worked incredibly hard this term. We have explored a variety of Australian Animals and the difference between marsupials like kangaroos and koalas. We have also looked at tiger snakes and salt water crocodiles.

Posted on Fri 5th of June at 2:18 pm


A Brand New Year

Welcome to another year of teaching and learning in the Red Group. We have lots of activities planned for the year including focused literacy instruction and specialist science and health classes. The children have settled quickly into a new routine and are working very well together as a group. We look forward to working together to achieve some good work.

Posted on Thu 5th of February at 12:40 pm

Yellow Room


Yellow Class 2015

Posted on Tue 3rd of February at 2:16 pm


Graduation Dance - Thursday December 4

Posted on Tue 9th of December at 12:15 pm

Orange Room


Cross Country

Wow! Another jam-packed term has passed. The students of Hamilton SDS participated in a cross country running event in Warrnambool. Every student tried their absolute best, running through the rain and mud. Great effort to those who ran the whole 3km track and those who tried their hardest at the 1.5km event. A fantastic all round effort! Have a great term break.

Posted on Thu 25th of June at 10:15 am


Water Tornadoes!

This semester, for our humanities focus, the students from the Orange room have been investigating natural disasters. Our current disaster magnifying glass is focused upon tornadoes. Yesterday we spent some time making water spouts! This was great fun…until we sprang a leak in our sticky tape!

Posted on Thu 7th of May at 10:15 am


School Camp

Orange room had a fantastic time on camp last week! We spent three days in Mt Gambier, travelling to Naracoorte for half a day also. We went bowling, had a tour of the Blue Lake, visited the wildlife park and Lady Nelson information centre, hiked to a very steep tower, watched a movie, went out for dinner and ate spectacular afternoon teas! We also went caving in the Naracoorte Caves and stayed at the Old Mt Gambier Goal! This was a bit scary but very cool at the same time. The students of Orange room showed how well they are developing their life skills and take care of each other.

Posted on Thu 7th of May at 9:55 am


Tower Hill

Yesterday Orange group went on an excursion to Tower Hill. We have been learning about volcanoes and wanted to make our learning authentic. We visited the information centre, took a scenic drive, walked the Lava Tongue Boardwalk and cooked our own BBQ lunch. We had to be very careful though because the emus wanted to eat our lunch!

Posted on Thu 26th of March at 4:44 pm

eSmart Program




Posted on Tue 5th of May at 8:20 am


Cultivating digital citizenship together

Cultivating Digital Citizenship Together

Posted on Tue 21st of April at 3:28 pm


Excessive Use

Posted on Tue 3rd of March at 3:15 pm

Blue Room


Remembrance Day

Today in Blue Room for Remembrance Day, students watched a BTN (Behind The News - ABC) video on why we have Remembrance Day. Students then read a procedural text to follow the steps to make a poppy.

Posted on Wed 11th of November at 1:14 pm


Blue Group helping setup the Biggest Afternoon Tea

Blue Group assisted setup the venue for today's Biggest Afternoon Tea. They drew pictures onto the paper tablecloth - check out their fabulous drawings!

Posted on Thu 4th of June at 12:56 pm


A Successful Term One

Term One in Blue Room started off very smoothly, in a brand new classroom with a new teacher to Hamilton Special Developmental School. Students worked through a number of Literacy and Numeracy activities, including focusing on Poetry in Literacy and Time and Money tasks in Numeracy. Our theme work for this term was Animals and students independently researched an animal of their choosing, wrote an Information Report (text type) based on their research and then gave a short speech to the class on what they found out! Whilst this was a little nerve-racking for some, the four students who did give a speech to the class did an exceptional job!

Posted on Sat 28th of March at 5:29 pm

Parents & Friends Association


Parents & Friends Meetings

The Parents and Friends Association meet on the first Thursday of each month

Posted on Fri 10th of June at 2:05 pm

Child Safety Information


Child Safety Vision Statement

Posted on Mon 14th of November at 11:47 am


Child Safety Statement

Posted on Mon 14th of November at 11:44 am