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Tue 16th of July at 2:00 pm

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Green Room


Green Room

Green Room has been doing great work throughout this year. Their handwriting has improved out of sight, along with their reading. Students have been doing a great job with counting with some of them learning to count by 2's,5's and 10's. Students have been having a lot of fun completing craft activities for their themes of 'The beach" and 'Dinosaurs'. Outside of their work students had a great time at the interschool sports day and did a great job.

Posted on Mon 9th of November at 3:15 pm


Horse Riding

Green room love going to RDA every Wednesday afternoon. Shannon is so excited to have his new horse Gus who is a lot bigger than his horse from last year. Lilly is doing a great job riding Wiggy. Johan is back with Celeste, and they have a great time together. Noah is on Cruise, and has been doing some great independent riding. Green room can't thank the great volunteers at RDA enough for all the time and effort they put in.

Posted on Tue 5th of May at 8:13 am


Green Room 2015

Green room are straight back into it in 2015. Green room have recommenced swimming, cooking, speech, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and all the regulars such as maths and literacy. Green Room can't wait to get back to RDA later in the term.

Posted on Wed 4th of March at 3:46 pm